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The Missouri Uplands Family?

We are a passionate group of men and women with decades of experience spread across the versatile breeds backed by the greatest testing system in North America.

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$35 / yr

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$35 / yr


  • Jennifer LaLonde
  • 6 Woodridge Drive
  • Defiance, MO 63341

The Chapter


Our chapter is scattered across the midwest. Wherever you're at, you can probably find a MoUplands member not to far away! If you're looking for training partners please reach out and we will help connect you!


Each year, In the Spring and Fall we host a two day test for the Natural Ability, Utility Prep, and Utility levels.

The easiest hard work you'll ever pay for


After hunting season, we host monthly training days in Missouri and Illinois with the goal of advancing our handling skills and dogs capabilities. Before each training day all paid members will receive an email to place bird orders. Birds will be purchased through one of our vendors and we will bring them onsite for use at the training day. If you purchase birds, please bring a crate or bird bag. If you need guidance purchasing one, please reach out to anyone on our leadership team!

On the day of, groups and fields will be assigned and championed by a seasoned member of the chapter. Depending on the location and focus we will setup a variety of training stations and drills for the various experience levels. Members are encouraged to help and assist other members in the planting, gunning, or other training needs.

For event details, please check out Facebook page!


Each year members participate in our annual meeting, fun hunt, seminars, and at least one charity hunting event.



Meet Our

Chapter Officers

The people behind the scenes who volunteer their time and effort towards making the chapter a greater experience.

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Fred Rice

I have been a member of NAVHDA and the MO Uplands Chapter since 1995, and a charter member of this chapter. My breed of choice is the GSP. I have ran dogs in 56 NA, 2 UPT, 32 UT, and 2 IT tests. My most notable dog is VC Jacob vd Westwind MH.

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Vice President

Tim Materkowski

I’ve been running NAVHDA since 2018 and a member of MoUplands since 2019. This past year, both my GSPs passed the 2021 invitational. Ike (right) has AKC Advanced Master Hunter title. Future plans are to get Demi (left) her AKC Master Hunter title finished and move toward Advanced. Both dogs currently run in NSTRA, where I sit on the Board for the Illinois Region. I am a certified IDNR Wingshooting & Hunters Wingshooting instructor and a youth coordinator for local Quail Forever chapter.

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Jennifer Matthews

I joined the MO Uplands NAVHDA Chapter in 2020, in an attempt to learn how to turn our first GSP into a hunting companion for my husband. My husband, Jim, and our daughter, Lexi, live in St. Louis with our GSP, Scout. After each training day, I found myself excited to continue working with Scout on everything we learned & eagerly anticipating the next one! The training days & NA test have prepared us to now be enjoying our first hunting season together.

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Test Secretary

Lee Abbott

I joined the MO Uplands chapter and NAVHDA in 2019. Since then, I've become the chapter's test secretary and my favorite part of the job is getting to talk with so many people from around the country looking to test with us. My wife and I own four GSPs and we're grateful they let us live in the house with them.

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Jennifer Lalonde

I have been a NAVHDA member since 2017 and a MoUplands chapter member since 2019. In our family, we have 3 Small Munsterlanders; Vaiki, Gage & Xebo. Our goal is to get these dogs out to hunt as often as we can. I enjoy this group so much, and I have learned a lot. We have a great time together and nobody cares if you smell like dog.

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Christy Langston

I joined NAVHDA in 2019 looking for breed knowledge and training advice. I found just that. I currently own two German Shorthairs, Annie and Raven, and they make every day a new adventure. Annie has earned her NA 112 Prize 1, and Raven is training towards her UT test.

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Brandon Whitfield

I joined NAVHDA in 2017. My favorite breed is the GSP. My favorite dog was an all liver GSP(Macintosh) my sister I grew up with, and my dads best bird dog. I now have a little boy and girl of my own and they are being raised with an all liver GSP - VC Too Much Jager.

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Token Retired Guy

Steve Remspecher

Joined Navhda and Mo Uplands in 1999. My breed of choice is the Deutsch Kurzhaar and I test my dogs in the Navhda and Nadkc ( German ) testing systems. During this time period I ran 6 dogs through NA, 4 through UT and 2 through to the Invitational. I have owned GSP's starting in 1974 and have produced two Deutsch Kurzhaar litters. I love to upland and waterfowl hunt.

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